My Background

I received my doctorate at the University of Notre Dame. During those years, I provided therapy and assessment services both on and off-campus. I also did a 1-year internship in Montana, where I worked at Montana State University and on the Crow Indian Reservation.

My graduate research focused on the psychological aspects of conservation and environmental issues, and my dissertation explored environmental values and how they develop. These experiences influenced my clinical work by making me more sensitive to the unique cultural and personal values that each person brings to the therapeutic process. To this day, I place great importance on understanding, respecting, and working with the core values and beliefs of each client. 

After receiving my doctorate, I spent a few years away from Psychology, working in conservation activism, advocacy, and environmental education. I also continued to develop my ideas about value systems and values change. I eventually decided to return to clinical work and accepted a resident position at the University of Wyoming, where I worked at the University Counseling Center, Student Health Services, and the free Downtown Clinic in Laramie.

Once my residency was complete, I decided to build a more permanent life for myself in the Pacific Northwest. I relocated to Portland, got licensed as a Psychologist, and set up an independent private practice. In those early years, I made ends meet by contracting with the Oregon Department of Corrections. I provided therapy and educational services at the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem and at the Columbia River Correctional Institution in Portland.

Throughout these experiences, I made frequent side-trips to explore the people and places of the United States and the world at large. As a result, I have been fortunate to see much of our beautiful nation, to live overseas for extended periods of time, and to immerse myself in cultures very different from my own. I mention these travels, because they have greatly impacted my therapy style and my ability to work with diverse clients.

At this point in my career, I have been in private practice for over 13 years, and my approach to therapy continues to evolve in response to my life experiences, both inside and outside the office. Some of the most impactful of these experiences have been marriage, parenting, and the loss of my wife to cancer. Each experience deepens my understanding of humans and how we suffer, as well as how we can heal in the face of suffering.

Contact Me...

(503) 730-1594
Jeffrey Noethe, Ph.D.

2100 NE Broadway St, Ste 329
Portland, OR 97232

Articles & Interviews

Since opening my private practice in 2006, I have not prioritized research or professional publications. What follows is a list of my formal writings and publications, as well as other articles and interviews with which I have been involved.

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Influential Authors & Books

Below is a list of authors and books that have influenced my perspectives over the past 30 years or more. These books cover a wide range of ideas and styles. I hope you find something here that challenges your understanding and gets you thinking in new ways! (For even more book recommendation, see my Therapy page.)

Edward Abbey – Desert Solitaire / The Fool’s Progress

Mitch AlbomTuesdays with Morrie

Naomi Alderman – The Power

Richard BachJonathan Livingston Seagull / Illusions

Ernest Becker – The Denial of Death

Dee Brown  Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist / Warrior of the Light

Bryce CourtenayThe Power of One / Tandia

Deng Ming-Dao – Chronicles of Tao

Taisen Deshimaru – Questions to a Zen MasterThe Zen Way To Martial Arts

Neil Gaiman  American Gods / The Graveyard Book / The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Kahlil Gibran – The Prophet

Yuval Noah Harari – Sapiens / Homo Deus

William Least Heat-Moon – Blue Highways

Robert A. Heinlein – The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress / Starship TroopersStranger in a Strange Land

Benjamin Hoff – The Tao of Pooh / The Te of Piglet

Jack KerouacThe Dharma Bums / On the Road

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson & Susan McCarthy – When Elephants Weep

Dan MillmanWay of the Peaceful Warrior / Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior / The Journey of Socrates

Farley Mowat – A Whale for the Killing / Never Cry Wolf

John G. Neihardt – Black Elk Speaks

Wes NiskerThe Essential Crazy Wisdom

Malka Older – Infomocracy / Null States / State Tectonics

Daniel QuinnIshmael / My Ishmael / The Story of B Beyond Civilization

Wallace Stegner – Angle of Repose / The Spectator Bird / Crossing to Safety

Neal Stephenson – Snow CrashCryptonomicon

Chogyam TrungpaShambhala

Laurens Van Der PostA Story Like the Wind / A Far-Off Place / The Lost World of the Kalahari

Neale Donald WalschConversations with God

Lyall WatsonLightning Bird

Paul Watson – Ocean Warrior

Alan WattsTao: The Watercourse WayWhat is Tao? / Does it Matter? / Still the Mind

Isabel Wilkerson – Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents

Howard Zinn – A People’s History of the United States