I am sorry to report that Bodhi died over the summer of 2022. He lived over 14 years, which is amazing for a Bernese, and he worked with me right up until the start of the pandemic. He was a very good boy, and he will always be missed…

Bodhi is a Bernese Mountain Dog, born on April 2, 2008. He comes from a breeder near Oregon City called Werlwind Bernese, and he has five brothers and one sister. Pictured below are Ruben, Otto, Hadley, Artus, Bodhi, Jack, and Mason.

Bodhi has been working as my therapy assistant since he was 16 weeks old. He comes to the office several days each week, offering his own brand of empathy, understanding, humor, and tactile comfort. Generally, he greets clients when they arrive and then sits or lays at their feet during the session. He will also stay near me, if that is preferred.

Bodhi demonstrates the calm, gentle, good natured temperament that is common to Berners, and he has grown into an excellent assistant. Naturally, Bodhi has to be clean and well-groomed whenever he is at the office.

Here’s an article on dogs in therapy:

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